E40: Five Steps to Make Braver Decisions

Jun 23, 2023

Are you ready to take charge of your life and make decisions that lead you towards your dreams?

Decisions have the power to shape our future and determine the direction we move in. That's why I am passionate about discussing the art of decision-making and the courage it takes to make braver choices.

Often, we find ourselves making decisions based on fear, which can keep us playing small and hiding from our true potential. These unconscious decisions can lead to self-sabotage and hinder our growth. But imagine the possibilities if you were to make decisions fueled by bravery and aligned with your deepest desires.

Consider the courageous decisions you have made in your own life. Perhaps it was the decision to propose, risking rejection but opening yourself to love and commitment. Or maybe it was the choice to say "no" to something that didn't align with your values and aspirations. These brave decisions can be transformative, propelling us towards a brighter future.

Making brave decisions doesn't mean it's always easy. In fact, some of the most necessary decisions in life require tremendous courage. That's why I've put together a mini-module consisting of five essential steps to help you make braver decisions with greater ease.

  1. Decide on a Different Outcome - Break free from the patterns that keep producing undesirable results. Instead, consciously choose a new outcome aligned with your dreams, and focus your energy and attention on it.
  2. Decide if It's Now or Later - Recognize that you are in control of the timing. Decide whether the moment to act is now or if it's better to prepare and heal before taking action. Trust your intuition and align your decision with your current circumstances.
  3. Decide to Do Things Differently - Realize that only you have the power to change your approach. Take ownership of your actions and commit to doing things differently. Be mindful of the quality and consistency of your actions.
  4. Decide to Become Something Different - Embrace personal transformation by deciding to be a new version of yourself. Take responsibility for your growth and commit to being the best version of yourself.
  5. Decide to Be Conscious as You Create Your Dream - Recognize the importance of being aware and intentional as you work towards your extraordinary dream. By remaining conscious throughout the process, you can avoid unnecessary costs and make empowered choices.

These five steps are designed to empower you to make braver decisions and set yourself on a path towards manifesting your dreams. Take a moment to reflect on each step and consider how they can reshape your decision-making process.

Remember, being uncomfortable with a decision doesn't make it wrong. Bravery often arises when we step outside our comfort zones and align ourselves with what truly resonates within us. By mustering the courage to make these brave choices, you invite a sense of pride and open the doors to a world where the universe conspires to support your journey.

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey of decision-making and unlock your true potential. Start by contemplating the five brave decisions I've shared with you today. Together, we can navigate the path to your extraordinary dreams.

Your dreams are waiting for you to take that first courageous step.



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