E49: Inspiration VS Determination

Dec 01, 2023

Welcome to a journey that unlocks the profound distinction between inspiration and determination, illuminating the path for conscious creators like you and me.

If you're someone who tends to rely on strategy, hard work, and effort to achieve your goals, allow this to resonate with you. 

For the longest time, I was all about determination. My success stemmed from the grind, the strategic planning, and the hard work I put in. But looking back, I realized I was missing something essential—energetics. I failed to align my actions with the energetic truth I needed to manifest my aspirations fully.

Here's the catch: determination alone doesn't guarantee success. If it did, everyone working tirelessly would be massively successful. But success isn't solely about pushing through obstacles; it's about understanding the energetics behind your actions.

Energetics lay the foundation for everything. It's why I've dedicated my life's work to understanding this vital element. Behind every action lies our state of being, and that energy significantly influences our outcomes.

I've learned that what I'm being beneath my actions matters more than the actions themselves. If I operate from a state of fear, doubt, or negativity, even the most diligent actions might not yield the desired results. But when my state of being aligned with truth, worth, and positivity, everything changes.

Determination, while valuable, often leads us to push against the natural flow of things. It's the logical, strategic approach. On the other hand, inspiration, often intangible and illogical, stems from a deeper place within us. It's the divine nudges guiding us toward our truth.

I've spent years being determined, attending seminars, reading books, and following every rule, but the missing link was often the conversation about energetics—the underlying force driving everything we do.

So, why do some seemingly do so little and achieve so much? It's not about the effort; it's about being in alignment with their truth, with the energetic frequencies that attract their desires effortlessly.

When you shift your focus from just determination to aligning your energetics with your truth, everything changes. It's not about working hard for the sake of it; it's about enjoying the journey, being in sync with yourself, and the inspired actions that follow suit.

This shift isn't easy. It requires surrendering attachments to old ways and embracing a more holistic approach. It's a journey of conscious creation that leads to not just external success but internal fulfillment.

Imagine waking up determined yet aligned, pursuing goals not just with effort but with inspired action. That's the power of balancing determination with divine inspiration—a synergy that creates miracles.

Conscious creators, it's time to recognize the difference between determination and inspiration, to live in alignment, and to create from a frequency of truth. When you embrace this, success becomes more than an achievement; it becomes a way of being.


Much love,



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